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Blue Carbon Initiative Needed

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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Blue carbon is simply the term for carbon captured by the oceans, seas and littoral ecosystems. When degraded or destroyed, these ecosystems emit the carbon they’ve stored for centuries into the atmosphere and abysses and comes as a sources of greenhouse affect.

Experts estimate that as important as around one billion ton of carbon dioxide are being released annually from demoralized littoral ecosystems. Sea meadows, mangroves, and swab morasses along seacoast hold carbon, acting as commodity.

These littoral systems, however much lower in size than the earth’s timbers, sucks carbon at faster rate, and can continue to do so for millions of times. Utmost of the carbon taken up by these ecosystems is stored beneath oceans ground where we can not see it, but it’s still there.

The carbon set up in littoral soil is frequently thousands of times old. Mangroves, tidal morasses and sea grasses are critical along the Indian ocean and Arabian sea as a beach fronts, supporting littoral water quality, healthy fisheries, and littoral protection against cataracts and storms.

The bigger picture of blue carbon is one of littoral niche conservation. When these systems are damaged, an enormous quantum of carbon is emitted back into the atmosphere, where it can also contribute to climate change. So guarding and restoring littoral territories is a good way to reduce climate change. When we cover the carbon in littoral systems, we cover healthy littoral surroundings that give numerous other benefits to people.

The Blue Carbon Initiative works are needed to cover and restore littoral ecosystems for their part in reducing impacts of global climate change. The Blue Carbon Initiative also should focus on carbon in littoral ecosystems- mangroves, tidal morasses and seagrasses.Systems are needed to be developed at spots in Indian ocean and Arabian sea to cover and restore littoral ecosystems for their blue carbon value.

VijayKumar H K (Environmentalist) Raichur, Karnataka




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