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Humanity lost

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By: Rayees Ahmad Kumar

When – instead of humans,

In your vicinity, beasts are there scattered.

Then expecting something pleasing,

In return of a kindness is mere fatuous.

All laws of land and nature – there,

Violation becomes the order of the day.

Humans dwell but only in form,

Their mouths are venomous, limbs weaponry and heart stoned.

The gullible people there,

Endure fear, threat, insecurity and displeasure,

For ages – they can’t see an end.

Humans devoid of humanity, Compassion, pity and nobility,

Have absolutely no right to inhabit the planet.

No Prophet, no Messenger ,no Avtar or Baghwan,

Will come down on earth to teach them humanity.

Now it is hard to predict,

Shall ever there be humanity in humans.

Or shall it be sought only,

In written forms of books and papers.


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