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JMC must Control Rat Population in Old City, Jammu!

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Letter to Editor

Dear Sir,

To many, it may be a laughable issue but as they say only bearer knows where the show pinches, same is the experience with the residents of Old City Jammu with regard to Rat menace.

From damaging clothes in domestic wardrobes to contaminate and waste eatables stored in commercial godowns, these rats are responsible for every nuisance and  trouble that they can do in the city.

Ask any resident of the old city Jammu about the damaged caused by these big sized rats, everyone have a sad story to share.

The situation has turned so ugly that now the uncontrolled population of rats are not only  vandalizing the lanes and drains but also responsible for damaging the foundations of the houses situated in the narrow lanes of old city.

The situation is worrisome but residents and shopkeepers are unaware what to do, though at individual levels they perform anti rodent measures but as the situation is so grave that it hardly makes any impact and after 2-3 days of anti-rodent treatment, these big sized rats again intrude the houses and shops and cause damage.

As it is a collective problem faced by a huge population therefore it is imperative that Jammu Municipal Corporation takes a lead and adopt scientific method to control the rat population in Old City Jammu.

Residents of Old City, Jammu (through Raman)

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