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‘Waste to Wealth’: Dist Admin Rajouri recycles waste to save environment

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SRINAGAR: The J&K government on Thursday said that the recycling of waste to create manure and sell plastic for recycling has become an effective way of combating the immediate threat it possesses to the environment besides preventing the outbreak of diseases in Sunderbani area of Rajouri district.

The constant piling of garbage and waste was a cause of concern for Sunderbani administration who saw landfilling as the only option, which is not environmentally friendly.

“Sensing the gravity of the situation, the district administration Rajouri led by Deputy Commissioner, Vikas Kundal, immediately recognized the need for scientific waste disposal,” the spokesman said.

The Deputy Commissioner Rajouri held regular brainstorming sessions with the Chairperson Municipal Council (MC), Sunderbani, officers of MC Sunderbani and other councillors to come up with a solution.

“After regular sessions it was decided to treat the solid waste technologically and utilise the end product as compost for agriculture fields,” the spokesman said.

To address the issue, the administration decided to restore the defunct Solid Waste management plant so that the waste is disposed-off in an environmentally friendly manner.

After restoration of the plant, the uphill task for the Municipal Committee was the collection of the waste, the segregation of the waste, and the transportation of the garbage to the treatment plant/Solid Waste Management Plant.

The task was overcome by deployment of waste collection buses in all wards for waste collection. Special committees of the senior citizens of the concerned wards were also constituted to look after their wards for required waste collection and segregation.

“The committees ensured proper cleanliness by MC workers and motivated the public to segregate waste at home and dispose-of it properly during the morning in waste collection vans,” he said.

The spokesman said the step was welcomed by the public, and people started to flock towards the waste vans in morning to pour the segregated waste into the waste-collection vans.

The administration deployed ten people in the treatment plan who segregate the waste at the plant and ensure only the required waste is being poured into the plant.

Importantly, only biodegradable waste is brought to the treatment facility, while the plastic waste is being sold to the local vendors for Rs 32 per kg. The biodegradable waste brought to the facility for further treatment is then converted into manure.

“We are making money out of waste. Our treatment plant is operational, and produced 1600 kg of compost till date, of which 400 kg have been sold to agencies, farmers, and residents at Rs 12 per kg,” said Executive Officer, MC Sunderbani.

President MC Sunderbani says the initiative has improved the cleanliness of the city at a larger scale and we are hopeful that Subdarbani will get a better ranking this time. He is also praised by Deputy Commissioner Vikas Kundal, for extending help in the revival of this old and defunct plant.

“Waste is wealth. We are implementing the most effective waste management model—one that is both cost-effective and profitable—and the district administration is working to replicate it in other municipal committees and councils throughout the district,” Vikas Kundal said.

He said the time has come for everyone to join hands and make history in Rajouri, to make it the cleanest city.

The Deputy Commissioner also highlighted that specific steps are being taken to make Rajouri a clean and beautiful city, MRF facilities in most of the MCs have been completed and will be commissioned soon.

He also said that separate land for the establishment of a solid waste management plant has been identified in other MCs of the district.

Kundal also said that it is an effort of the MCs that one of our MC Kalakote has received the Swachh Survekshan Award-2022 which is testimony that we are committed to ensuring better living conditions for the public.

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