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Actions needed

Actions needed
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Today we are observing International Day for ending violence against women. The day is observed to raise awareness among the people and tell them that women are subjected to rape, domestic violence and other forms of violence.

Though we always remain on the forefront of issuing statements and lip service to every cause but whatever is happening around the globe reminds us of our failures we have faced vis-à-vis eradicating violence against women.

Presently we are witnessing an agonizing case of a young Delhi woman who was cut into pieces by his partner and later her body parts were thrown away in some forest area. This case is not unique in itself as such gory incidents in one or the other form continue to haunt us every day.

Even the world rights body, United Nations Chief Antonio Guterres minced no words by stating that the world has failed to protect the fair sex. Ironically, a woman or a girl is killed every 11 minutes by an intimate partner or a family member, which shows that violence against them is the most pervasive human rights violation in the world.

Women and girls also face rampant online violence, from misogynistic hate speech to sexual harassment, image abuse and grooming by predators. This discrimination, violence and abuse targeting half of humanity come at a steep cost. It limits women’s and girls’ participation in all walks of life, denies their basic rights and freedoms, and blocks the equal economic recovery and sustainable growth the world needs otherwise.

Though we have developed and excelled in many streams and field and have witnessed development and advancement in almost all sectors. The world has even moved on despite facing one of the deadliest pandemic situations just two years back, but the treatment meted out to the fairer sex continues to be lopsided and biased.

This also reminds us that governments designing, funding and implementing national action plans to tackle this scourge, has not been able to achieve the desired results.

As of now the world needs to think over and think it over seriously as to why a definite action plan is not put in place so that the world becomes a more secure place for the women, especially in the third world or developing countries.

Interestingly, this year’s theme on an international day is UNITE: Activism to End Violence Against Women and Girls’ and it means standing with activists around the world who are calling for change and supporting survivors of violence.

The governments as for now need to get together by involving grass-roots and civil society groups at every stage of decision-making and ensuring that laws are implemented and respected, so survivors see their rights to justice and support upheld.

Besides, governments and corporate need also to spend up their spending on ensuring women’s rights by increasing funding by 50 per cent to women’s rights organisations and movements.

This will be the greatest contributions as all the actions and support that the fairer sex needs to stand up on its own can be initiated by a well funded programme that aims to raise awareness about the basic violations women face in today’s world.

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