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By: Bilal Ahmad Sofi

Islamlays stress on the veneration of  elders . So,itmust be kept in mind that in our  daily life, elders should be respected. It is also stated that elders are more experienced in passing a good life,  as they have navigated through tough times in life than the younger ones. Therefore, we must follow in our  daily life the  great sayings of our elders that always have fruitful consequences.

It is widely observed in our to day life that elders are  disrespected by youngsters at different places including at banks, in vehicles,at hospitals, at outlets and so on.It is a fact when  such type of behavior becomes a routine, it leads to destruction. In Kashmir,  this moral degradation  has also slowly  crept in.

It can also be mentioned here that there are some causes which have given   rise to such vicious behavior in our society.The first and foremost  is that there is dearth of good upbringing in our kids which leads them to negative approach in their growth of life and makethem victim of such bad behavior. It is also narrated in traditions that nourishment as well as good upbringing of parents ishugely considered to be the rudimentary education of every student. Let me make it more clear with a great saying “The old cock crows, the young onelearns’’. It simply connotes here that our kids learn a lot by the observation of our parent’s activities. So if parents impart good upbringing to their kids then  its effects bears good fruits on their wards in their  life. The secondreasoncan be greatly ascribed to the scarcity of moral education in our schools,colleges, universitiesand other concerned departments where ample education is imparted to all students , but  they are bereftof moral education as has widely seen in their language while talking to elders after their completion of academic courses. It is also pertinent to mention here that such education should not be attained where respecting elders is greatly trampled or ignored by any group or any school of thought. The third reason can be said that there is paucity of  basic Islamic knowledge that is not found nowadays among our young ones  although they have copious knowledge about different disciplines yet their conscience is devoid of Islamic  teaching which  later on becomes  causes for the  failure of  unpleasant  behavior in our child.

To be precise,allwe can do is to changeour mental attitude  towards elders . Irresponsible behavior has to be abandoned or dispelled at the earliest   .Situation can  turn  destructive and lead to decline of our moral ethics.  unless we inculcate  moral education in our children, nothing can be expected. So, parents have to play a  significant role in giving proper educationto their children at the outset.

The author hails from Khushipora, HMT, Srinagar

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