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Construction on agricultural land goes unabated in Pulwama

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Farmer’s worried, strict action will be taken against violators: Chief Agriculture Officer

By: Mushtaq ul islam

Pulwama: The rampant and unplanned constructions on agricultural land is going unabated in south Kashmir’s Pulwama district.

The move has not only caused damage to agriculture but the environment as well.

A large number of houses, shopping complexes and other structures have been built on agricultural land due to which the agricultural land is shrinking rapidly.

As per reports, houses are being built on agricultural land in Pinglin, Gangoo, Pahu and Kakapora, just a few kilometres away from the district headquarters.

A wave of concern has spread among the farmers. These farmers believe that if this continues, the time is not far when only construction structures will be seen on this agricultural land.

“There is also a law in the name of Land Revenue Act in Jammu and Kashmir, according to which there is a complete ban on the use of agricultural land for non-agricultural activities, but this law is being violated day by day,” a local said.

The farmers said that the unplanned construction will prove costly and people will crave for locally cultivated rice.

“It can also cause problems for future generations as well,” a local said.

Notably, the 133 of the Revenue Act says that no one can construct on agricultural land.

The Act also states that the Deputy Commissioner has no authority to allow construction work on agricultural land.

“The government should focus on this so that no construction work is done on agricultural land. Apart from this, the agricultural land should be preserved for the future generation and the production of rice should not decrease,” the local farmers said.

Meanwhile, Chief Agriculture Officer Pulwama Mohammad Iqbal Khan said that erecting constructions on agricultural land was a serious crime and the department will not tolerate such actions in any case.

“A school building has been built on a barren old site in Galander and in this regard they have been given permission to construct buildings from different departments,” he said.

He however said that the department was keeping a close watch on the agricultural land and no one will be allowed to take the law into their hands.

Notably, Jammu and Kashmir Ladakh High Court has also issued an order to the government four years ago declaring the constructions on agricultural land illegal and warning the government to stop the intensity of constructions on agricultural land.

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