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Ours is a judgemental society. It is the routine of our society to judge others. No one is ready to introspect. Everyone is pointing fingers at others, without knowing that the fingers are pointing back to him or her as well.

Judging others means to form an opinion or idea about others without delving into details.  In other words, fault finding also falls in the domain of judging others. There are many definitions of judging others. But the common thread among all is that it is an evil that hurts society in the long run.

In a civilized society, such kind of an evil is hardly present. For them, fault finding is deemed to be the character of a lower personality. It is below the dignity of a realized personality to judge others, when he or she is aware of the fact that moulding people is more important than degrading them and reducing them to the lowest level.

In civilized societies, people have no time to point fingers at others, for they are busy in making their worlds flawless and complete. If by chance, the need arises for judging others, there is a proper mechanism to do it. It is done to make a person and not to mar him. They believe in the notion that degrading or lowering others is quite easy than to build a flawless person.

In our uncivilized society, the main job of people is to judge others and go for fault finding.  If someone is progressing, people begin to judge him or her on various parameters. Every faculty of body is put to use to know the causes of his or her success. Moreover, if a person is sad due to one or other reason, people find it the main topic to be discussed.

Every kind of allegation is leveled against the said person to make his or her life more miserable. Furthermore, if a person is found doing something wrong, all heads assemble and begin to talk about him or her endlessly. They open the domains that are non existing. They can go to any extent in defaming the person’s image by judging him or her.

It must be kept in mind that as social beings, there are cent percent chances of misunderstandings and the violation of other’s rights. When vessels are kept together, there are chances that they collide with each other and make a sound. However, the important thing is that how well we can sort out issues.

A person who has been living a life of decency for a long time, if found doing something indecent, though the circumstances are unknown, he or she is judged badly. He or she is not allowed to live his or her life peacefully.

It is okay that a person commits a mistake. He or she is regretting it. He or she has remorse in his or her heart. Now, it is up to God to decide his or her fate. But people have no right to judge him or her on superficial grounds.

In order to let people live comfortably, we must avoid judging people. It is quite easy to point fingers at others. The best thing to do is to boost the morale of people. Sympathy, empathy and care for others should be our mantra.

Mistakes are the order of the day. The best way is to refrain from doing these. Learning lessons from these is more important than picking or highlighting the mistakes of others. No one is perfect. One has to apply his or her logic when anything untoward happens in our society.

Moreover, seeing other people making progress must not compel us to resort to judging him or her. It is a deep malaise and it needs change in mentality to overcome this. Persistent efforts in this regard can do miracles.

Starting can be made from our homes to abstain from this evil. Education system can be organised in such a manner where students are made to introspect themselves. Knowing one’s faults is a big win than to win battles. Hope good sense prevails!

(The author is a class 9 student from Khushipora, HMT, Srinagar)

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