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Divisional Com Kmr inaugurates exhibition at Arts Emporium Sgr

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SRINAGAR: The Divisional Commissioner Kashmir Pandurang Kundbarao Pole on Tuesday inaugurated a glazed pottery exhibition at Government Arts Emporium, Srinagar.

The exhibition was organised by the Department of Handicrafts and Handloom Kashmir in association with J&K Handicrafts and Handloom Corporation.

On the occasion, Pole said such kinds of exhibitions pave the way to showcase the unique and distinct art and craft of the valley.

He said that such exhibitions are important for the artisan community as it not only showcases the rich art of Kashmir but also gives the artisans the opportunity to earn their bread and butter.

He further said that the government is always ready to go the extra mile to offer a helping hand to the artisan community of the valley for their prosperity.

Glazed pottery is the coating of a vitreous substance that has been fused to a pottery body through firing at high temperatures.

The craft has been practiced generationally the world over, but the only practicing tile makers in Kashmir are now ageing and thus, time is very crucial to document, research and catalogue the historic practices and further to provide support to upgrade, innovate and develop financial models to restore dignity of labour and re-introduce the end-product into the local and regional markets.

Glazed pottery is a skill that is exclusive to the region and is an integral part of the cultural heritage and vernacular building traditions of Kashmir.

The exhibition showcased the works of the surviving craftsmen practicing this craft.

On the occasion a photo exhibition “The Last Craftsman” was also held that highlighted the works of the craftsman.

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