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Pollution is consuming the Earth

Pollution is consuming the Earth
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By: Vijay Garg

We are not getting clean water to drink, clean air to breathe and clean food to eat. Due to these reasons, the average life expectancy of a human being is decreasing.

According to the great scientist Stephen Hawkins, the age of the earth cannot exceed one thousand years due to pollution. According to a report, due to global warming for the next twenty years, many cities of the world will be submerged in water due to swallowing more ice.

The air will become so polluted that we will not be able to breathe in the open. To make us breathe freely some artificial arrangement will have to be made. It will be normal for the temperature of the earth to reach 50 degrees. Due to such temperature and pollution, the earth will not be habitable for humans and animals.

The first duty of the government is to sensitize the people about it. The efforts of the government alone can never achieve great results. As much as there is a need for the leadership of the government, there is a need for the support of the people at large.

Nature has made every animal and plant dependent on each other and complementary to each other. No one is allowed to disturb the natural balance but the most intelligent man on earth has not cared about the laws of nature and has made every effort to disrupt its balance.

In the name of development, the earth, sea and atmosphere have been polluted in every way to make human life comfortable. In the race of development and getting ahead of others, the corporate has used science and technology for the destruction of man instead of using it for the welfare of man.

In the name of development, man has developed through factories, the concept of modern agriculture, through our fashion brands, the preparation of war materials, Nuclear explosions, modern means of transportation and many other methods have ruined the environment.

Due to all these reasons, carbon emissions are increasing and the temperature of the earth is increasing. Many conventions have been held at the global level to reduce it and will continue to be held.

In every convention, a period is fixed to reduce it, but no country is seen to be fully prepared and even willing to work in this direction. We have polluted the sea water in many ways. Due to this, marine life is in danger.

Through mining we dig deep into the earth, we have destroyed the absorption capacity of the earth’s surface by using ground water indiscriminately and using chemical fertilizers. We have turned the upper atmosphere of the earth into many large craters through nuclear explosions and carbon emissions.

We have exhausted the absorption capacity of the earth and the sea. The pollution particles should be absorbed by planting as many plants as possible. By planting ten saplings in our house, we can increase our average life by seven years. European countries to drive electric cars to reduce carbon emissions have decided to generate electricity.

We are using the most inefficient source of coal. Wind energy and solar energy should be used for this work. Germany, which was destroyed in the world wars, is doing the best for environmental pollution.

This country has spent 57 billion dollars to work in this direction, while Australia has spent only 2 billion dollars for this work. The efforts of the Government of India in this direction are also not commendable.

Demonstrations are being held by school children to wake up the governments. Despite all this, the performance of governments is also disappointing. People’s consciousness and people’s struggle can only force governments to take appropriate decisions.

(The author is a retired Principal and an educational columnist)

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