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Two-day training on DigiLab concludes

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Leh/Jammu: With an aim to ensure effective usage of the digital learning scheme, headmasters and teachers of 27 schools in the district completed a two-day training on DigiLab solution and its operation, officials said.

The Ladakh administration launched a pilot project for digital learning in schools in the region. Under this pilot, Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council (LAHDC) has set up DigiLab in government schools of Leh district, covering all constituencies, they said.

So far, DigiLab has been set up in around 200 government schools in Ladakh.

The two-day training on the DigiLabs solution and its operation was supported by Ladakh’s education department and Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) and implemented by a foundation working to improve access and quality of education in the remotest villages of the Indian Himalayan region.

The DigiLab aids the teacher’s traditional face-to-face delivery through highly visual and interactive content and provides an individualised learning platform for each student.

Tsering Angchuk, deputy chairman of LAHDC (Leh) applauded the teachers on the region’s improvement in the performance grading index and stressed that the effective implementation of the DigiLabs in schools will further help improve Ladakh’s grading.

The DigiLab is a solution created by 17000 FT Foundation’ specifically for Ladakh, which brings the power of digital technology to improve learning, even in areas that are remote, inaccessible and truly off-grid.

The project assumes neither the presence of uninterrupted electricity, mobile connectivity nor existing infrastructure, and brings together all required components in an offline, but a connected system.

It delivers customised and personalised content through a local internet to students, while also enabling the teachers and administrators to assess and monitor performance periodically through a last-mile connectivity app.

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