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Elegy for love

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By: Amir Shafi

I chased you in baffling curves of time, miles ago I saw you

I know your smell of soul before, when I never know you

I feel you in gusts of fleeting fragrances of reminiscence

I froze, when my eyes saw you darling baby rose

I learned to love and live with you, without you

I live below the gleaming light of SAME new moon

I love wintery winds, gliding your ringlets lovely

I saw nothing but you in golden rays, in rainy days

I explored all its untrodden paths in Voyage of love

I toiled all hours of my life, to catch your heart

I got now but abode in city of ceaseless Agony

I hear only weary sighs of heart in worldly melodies

I lovelorn burnt down to ashes in hellish lap of separation

I rotted in the bottom like a shattered pale leaf of autumn

I keep thinking about you until blossom passed, wither came

I sung elegy for my love with cold moon and fallen stars




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