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Choose the company of virtuous

Choose the company of virtuous
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By: Haroon Ibn Rasheed

The companionship and friendship of a good and virtuous person leads to competence and abstinence, and the companionship of bad people also leads to evil. The Arabs say: “Al-Mara ‘Ala Deeni Khalila”. Man is on the cult and drink of his friend. (Drink here means “Mashrab).

The meaning of companionship is friendship, we can go for companionship, and the Islamic term “Sahabi” is also derived from this which means companion, friend and companion and when it is called “Sahabi Rasool” its meanings go to the Companions, Companions and Companions of the Holy Prophet. Who has seen Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) with his physical eyes and we have heard a few words from the blessed tongue of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) in our company.

In return for this companionship, the Sahabah became virtuous, pious and virtuous.The good companionship of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) made the Companions humble, righteous and virtuous. Allah Almighty has repeatedly instructed in the Holy Qur’an to keep company with good, virtuous and pious people.

As Allah says in Surah At-Tawbah verse 119 to the believers: Fear Allah and be with the righteous. In verse 71 of Surah At-Tawbah itself, Allah Almighty says that believing men and believing women are friends of each other who enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong. They establish prayers and pay Zakat and obey Allah and His Messenger. God will have mercy on them. In Surah Al-Imran, verse 29, Allah has strongly commanded the believers not to associate with the disbelievers except the believers. The one who does this has nothing to do with Allah.

In the hadiths, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has also instructed the Muslims to adopt the company of the righteous. On one occasion, by giving the example of a good and bad companion from two persons, he drew the attention of the Companions to this important subject in such a way that one person was carrying musk and the other was about to throw the furnace. Musk will be perfumed for free. Its aroma will be used (these are gatherings of remembrance of Allah) and sitting near the furnace will burn the clothes and its stinking smoke will annoy.”(Muslim The Book of Righteousness and Praying)”.In the interpretation of this hadith, Prophet Khalifatul Masih Al-Khamis Eida,Allah Almighty says:

May Allah Almighty make us all share the fragrance of musk and create within us those pure changes which are not only benefiting us but also people are benefiting from us.”(Masroor sermons leather 2, page 398)”.Then he said:

“There are some people who sit in Pure Convention but the virtues of these Majalis have no effect on them. On the contrary, their thinking is such that if something bad is seen, more noise is made about it. Giving the example of such people, the Prophet (peace be upon him) said that the example of a person who listens to the word of wisdom and then follows the most shocking of the things heard is that of a person who came to a shepherd and said: Give me a goat from the flock.  And the shepherd shall say unto him, Take, I pray thee, the goat which is thy favorite of the flock. So he goes and grabs the dog guarding the herd by the ear.”(The Musnad of Ahmad Baqy, the Musnad of the Mukathireen, the rest of the previous Musnad)”.So people who have this thinking and come to meetings with this thinking, instead of going out and mentioning good things, they talk more about it if they have seen someone’s evil there.

Because that’s their ability and their low vision is that they see nothing but dogs. So go ahead and catch only the dog’s ear. It is the honor of a believer to benefit from good gatherings. “(Sermons Masroor Volume II Page 492-493)”.Then he said; that man is on the religion of his friend, that is, the morality of the friend has an effect on man, so when making friends one should consider.”(Abu Dawood Kitab al-Adab)”.

An Arabic poet has stated this in his poetry, “Don’t ask about a person and look at his Qur’an; In contrast, the Qur’an is a follower; If you are one of the people then you are the owner of their choice; And do not accompany the narrators; So go back with the bad guys”.

That if you intend to research a person, do not research that person but look at his roommates because the friend follows his roommates as the person will be the same person. When you are in a nation, associate with the good of that nation, do not sit in the company of useless people, otherwise you will perish. Someone in Qadian asked Prophet Khalifatul Masih Awal that my son used to talk like atheist. He immediately instructed her to change her place in the classroom. He is being influenced by his classmates, so by relocating, the child again took the path of faith.

In some of the well-known sayings, Wahdat al-Marr Khair min Jalis al-Sood is also found that if a righteous companion and good companion is not available, then loneliness is better for a person.

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said about the angels that they are always looking for meetings of remembrance. The whole atmosphere smells of their blessed shadow and when the assembly is dismissed, the angels also go back. Allah Almighty declared a person who came from work in such a gathering as one of them and included him among the blessed people on whom the angels were spread their shadows.

The Prophet Messiah Mawaoud (on whom be peace) says: when a person sits with a righteous and righteous person, truth works in him, but he who abandons the company of the righteous and takes the company of the wicked and the wicked, has an evil effect on them. That is why in the hadiths and in the Holy Qur’an, there is an emphasis and threat to avoid bad company and it is written that where Allah and His Messenger are insulted, get out of this meeting immediately, otherwise the insult will not be heard. It will also be in them.

The one who lives with the truthful and the righteous also participates in them. How much is needed for this? The fact that man and remain in the (company) of those who uphold the truth.(Surah Tawbah 119).Follow the holy instructions.

It has been narrated in a hadith that Allah Almighty sends angels to the world. They come to the gathering of holy people and when they return, Allah Almighty asks them what you saw.

They say that we have seen a meeting in which you were mentioned, but if one person was not one of them, then Allah says that no, he is also one of them. Because these are the people who don’t want to hurt their friends. It is clear from this that what are the benefits of associating with the righteous? Woe to the one who stays away from company. ”

If a person is looking for a friendship that will help him in both religion and the world, then what should be his standard? Imam al-Ghazali (may God have mercy on him) says that when choosing your co-worker or partner and friend, you must look at five traits in it:

1) Make a wise person your friend because the friendship of a fool is of no use. Foolish friendships end in loneliness and disconnection. He wants you to benefit, but he does harm because of ignorance. That is why it is said that a wise enemy is better than a foolish friend. Sayyidna Ali (May Allah bless him and grant him peace) says: Do not befriend the ignorant and save yourself from it, so how many ignorant people have killed the humble person.

(2) Hasan Khalq: The truth is that the identity of a bad character and a bad character is that when anger and lust, his soul is not under his control. At the time of his death, Syedna Alqama Attarvi (may Allah have mercy on him) bequeathed to his son that son! If you want to be friends with someone, then associate with such a person that if you serve him, he will protect and save you, if you meet him, he will improve your morals. If you do good to him, count him and remember! If you make a mistake, he will forgive you.

(3) The ability of goodness: One should choose a person whose inclination is towards goodness. Remember that the person who does not fear Allah, even the events of the time cannot correct him. That is, instead of learning the lesson, he becomes more involved in immorality and becomes bold in committing sins. This is the guidance of Allah, the Blessed and Exalted. Do not follow the person whose heart We have made oblivious to our remembrance and he is a follower of his desires.

4) Generosity: The friendship of covetous and greedy should also be avoided as human natures are inexplicably affected by each other.

5) A liar is like a mirage from which distant things appear near and near things far away.

A person accustomed to lying will describe your qualities that you are devoid of, and will sidestep the mistakes you need to point out just to please you.

Our enlightened and radiant moral values have set many standards for a common friendship and we have not been convinced of any standards for the responsibilities of our environment, society and nation.

May Allah bless us with the company of good friends? Thanks to which our world and the hereafter are good. Ameen!

“(Sohbatai Soliha Tura Soliha Kunid , Sohbatai Ta’ley Tura Ta’ley Kunid)”.

(The author is a P.G student and hails from Sheikhpora Haril Handwara)

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