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Ears also tell us a lot

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By: Prof. Abdul Shakoor Shah

Do you know what the shape of your ears says about you? It will surely be of interest if we tell you that the shape of your ears can also reveal your personality traits. Do you have big ears? Have you ever seen someone with pointed ears? Or maybe attached earlobes?

Well, what does the shape of your ears say about you? Big ears of a person. What does it reveal? Personality tests are highly scientific methods to learn about you, your likes or dislikes, preferences, how you think, your emotional intelligence and your IQ levels.

These assessments are scientifically designed to delve deep into your psychological makeup and uncover emotional and rational thought processes and deep and hidden personality traits that we often suppress in our postnatal years.

Owning yourself and being true to yourself is vital to achieving success. Often we forget what our passion is and what we should be doing instead of what we are doing. Finding a tribe and people who will stick with you not only in your good times but also in your bad times is an added bonus. But, when we are not true to ourselves and lose our individuality, we often feel more withdrawn and lost.

These personality tests are designed to help you find your true self. Succeed in completing your work, friendships, relationships, family, and overall life journey smoothly. Individuals with short ears have personality traits that show them to be shy, polite and disciplined. These people are generally shy and slow to socialize.

It does not talk too much or unnecessarily. Such people take a cautious approach while communicating. Such people usually have the ability to turn the situation around by saying the right thing at the right time. Such people usually have a keen sense of when to say what. Usually such people keep a low profile. Their presence is always duly noted in a room, however they avoid gossip and small talk. People with this ear structure enjoy long, meaningful conversations.

If your ear shape is large, your personality traits show that you are calm and stable in behavior. You are gentle, competent, and teachable. You are authoritative and less likely to be bossy. You Enjoy life. You don’t take things too seriously. You will always keep smiling even during hardships. You have a relaxed attitude and encourage people to live life to the fullest. You don’t get too attached to things. You understand that letting go is a part of life. You can easily become a part of social networks. You have good social skills. You are open-minded and outspoken. You have a friendly spirit. You have an infectious level of enthusiasm.

If your ears are attached, your personality traits show that you understand human nature very well. You are compassionate. You have a high level of self-awareness. You are friendly. You are quite approachable. People find your company pleasant. You are passionate and kind. You are able to connect with people easily because you feel heard and seen most of the time. Inwardly you can be a quiet and reserved person. However, you have no problem meeting new people or attending social gatherings.

If your ear lobes are thick, you can be emotional and value relationships more. If your ears are round in shape, your personality traits show that you are a loyal and trustworthy person. You are probably part of a group or family that everyone relies on for advice or support. You are the one who cleans up the mess created by others. However, you don’t take cheating lightly. You will never forget who messed with you. You will give everything for the people you love. You will be the one who jumps out of bed in the middle of the night to help your friends or family. You are straightforward and express your thoughts openly. You prefer to live with values and orders.

If you have a square ear shaped personality, your personality traits show that you like to live a simple life. You will stay at home and cook or watch your favorite shows. You don’t want to be at every party in town. You prefer to be in tune with reality and want to be at peace with yourself. You are a very calm person. You are creative and intelligent. You will spend your time exploring and creating new things or innovations. You enjoy things more like nature, animals, helping others, etc. You love to be of service. You don’t make friends easily. You are very selective about who you let close to you.

You are among the lowest of the low. There are high levels of stability and orderliness in your life. You are punctual and grateful. However, you should also make keeping yourself happy a high priority.

If the tip of your ears are pointed, your personality traits indicate that you are a highly intuitive person. About all the latest happenings around you and in the world I will get the information. You can become a good journalist. You probably realize that if there is danger around, you are very alert and aware of your surroundings. You notice the small details. Even the slightest change in your surroundings cannot escape you. One could certainly call you Sherlock Holmes. You are very quick-witted, observant, perceptive and a bit of a perfectionist (at least that’s what you aim for). You will take your precious time working so that it turns out to be absolutely perfect.

You examine every little detail. You will analyze a person thoroughly before getting attached or letting them into your life. People with rectangular shaped ears are known for their perfection and excellence. Whichever field he is will choose they will master it and perform better than others. This is what sets them apart from others and they are known for this excellence. You may find them aggressive at times.

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