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Dengue cases surge in Jammu, six deaths recorded till today

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Jammu: Dengue cases in the district have witnessed a surge in recent weeks with one medical expert calling it the biggest epidemic since 2013.

More than 3,000 patients are admitted in hospitals with dengue while the district has already recorded six deaths, a health official said.

The trend has emerged as a grave concern with cases, tests and admissions increasing every week, the official said.

“Six people have died in Jammu till today (Friday),” Jammu Chief Medical Officer Harbaksh Singh told PTI.

He said the district had so far recorded 3,376 cases. “Of these, 2,796 cases have been reported from rural areas,” Singh said.

Besides, a few hundred cases have also been recorded in private hospitals.

In the city, over 80 per cent of the cases have been reported from Sarwal, Janipur, Rehari and Ploura areas, the official said.

Government Medical College and Hospital (GMCH), Jammu, Principal Dr Shashi Sudhan Sharma said, “Since last week, there has been an upward trend in dengue cases. There has been an increase in positivity among patients coming with fever. Hospital admissions have increased too.”

She said the mosquito-borne seasonal viral disease had spread rapidly to all regions and the number of patients in hospitals was rising every day.

“Around 80-90 children and nearly 50-60 adults are being admitted in hospitals daily,” she said, adding that it was the biggest epidemic after 2013 the way it was spreading.

Sharma attributed the deaths to late hospital admission.

She added that the hospital was fully prepared to cope with the situation.

“Cases are being controlled and all measures are being taken to avoid the spread,” she said. She also appealed to the general public to follow all precautions.

Chief Medical Officer Singh said all measures had been put in place to deal with the situation.


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