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Simplicity brings peace in our lives 

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By: Haroon Ibn Rasheed

If Allah has bestowed His grace on us, make it easy for others; be a facilitator by making lives simpler.

Sultan Nasiruddin was the only good and simple-minded king of India. He was a king, but his lifestyle was very different from that of ordinary kings. He did not take a single penny from the public treasury for his personal expenses.

In six months, he would write a Holy Qur’an with his own hand. In this way, two verses of the Holy Qur’an would be prepared in a year. He used to make a living from their gifts all year round. Sometimes he used to make hats to earn some money. With such a meager income, it is obvious how simple his life must have been.

The Sultan had a queen; she was also very kind and had a simple temperament. The sultan himself worked hard and cooked food with his own hands, thus the couple lived a contented life. One day the queen was cooking. Coincidentally, her hand got burnt while making bread. It was very painful, so she came to the Sultan’s service and asked in a very low voice:”It would be a great help if you could hire a maid to help me.”

The Sultan said: “wife! You know our income is very low. Employing a maid is not affordable for us. The public treasury is the trust of the people. It should be spent on their welfare. We have no right to spend it on ourselves.”  The queen was silent on hearing this answer. She never ever asked to have a maid again.

Islam not only guides us to a simple and simple way of life, but as a practical example, Allah Almighty has sent down to this earth many of His prophets and messengers who have set a good example for us by adopting a simple life.

In today’s age of narcissism we have become our own enemies; we have put our own lives in trouble and the credit for this goes to our thinking, lifestyle and habits; our desires are increasing day by day. We are becoming accustomed to luxury; at the same time, we have forgotten our religion and the teachings of our religion, which is why we are suffering from anxiety today.

We crave for more than we can get; instead of thanking God, we are ungrateful and humble ourselves for more. This life is temporary but we are suffering from the same disease which is eternal life which has no decay, forgetting it, people have forgotten their Lord and His commands in the pursuit of life and in the pursuit of superiority over one another.

It is narrated in Surah An-Nisa ‘in which he (Satan) said: I will take a portion from your servants and I will entangle them in desires and aspirations. “The life of our beloved Prophet (PBUH) is a model for us for whom this whole universe was created but he lived his whole life in a very simple way. We sit wherever we can. We claim to love our beloved prophet but we do not follow his instructions. We ignore his life which is the source of guidance for us.

We should make our life easier by adopting simplicity so that we can not only be happy but also enjoy a peaceful life by taking advantage of the blessings bestowed by Allah Almighty. Eat simple food so that we can avoid many diseases. By adopting simplicity in your daily diet, we can follow the principles of health.

Wear simple clothes and avoid the use of expensive clothes, handbags, shoes, mobiles, cars, watches, jewelery and many such expensive things so that there are no regrets in life but good deeds to take with you.

Embellish the garments that bring radiance to our personality and not be a means of display and make us suffer on that day which is called the day of reckoning. Ever wondered why there is so much unrest in our lives? Because we have stopped following the ways of Allah and His Messenger. We have become Muslims in name only. Why do we become ungrateful despite all the blessings? Because we get jealous when we see others, we make our own lives hell by going ahead and competing with them.

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said on one occasion, “Beware of greed, for he has ruined those before you.”

Our religion of Islam has taught us that ceremonies like marriage should be made easy and marriage should be kept simple but we work extravagantly and even celebrate by borrowing which cause the decline of the society.

On the contrary, it leads to many crimes like depression, unrest, looting, robbery, murder. There are many forms of grace of Allah, one of which is that we should understand, think, open the door of intellect to ourselves and live our life according to the principles of Islam, and do not indulge in unnecessary extravagance.

We should not waste time and Allah’s provision in showmanship. If Allah has bestowed His grace on us, make it easy for others; be a facilitator; the simpler our life, the less problems there will be. Our lives will be filled with more happiness; inner peace is more important. Understanding this also comes from the grace of Allah.

The more we enslave ourselves to our thoughts and comforts, the harder our life will become. So live a simple life and enjoy your life to the fullest so that you can be happy and content.

(The author is a P.G student and hails from Sheikhpora Haril in Handwara)

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