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Song of the Sky-Monologue

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By: Mushtaq Hurra

O Ibni-Adam

I have been watching

You, from above

Since the day

Of your inception

I vividly remember

Your compassion and love

For your fellow-beings

I am witness to your

Sympathy, kindness, simplicity

And purity of your heart

I have seen you

As an ambassador

Of peace, justice

And brotherhood

I have seen you

Treating your neighbor

As your own brother

I have seen you

Feeding corn to birds

I have seen you, being

Afraid of the red dusk

I have seen you, sharing

The sesame seeds

With your fellows

I have seen you

Taking care of

The needy and poor

I have seen you, as

The crown of creation

But alas!

Your transition

Is very scary

And obnoxious

My stars and the moon

Are ashamed of you

And your deeds

Cruelty, hatred and jealousy

Have replaced your virtues

You have torn and blemished

The emblem of Peace

The statue of liberty

Is mourning your callousness

Brotherhood and Ahimsa

Are cursing you

Greed and avarice

Has blindfolded

Your eyes

Your heart and blackened

And become stony-hard

Now, I plead

Before Allah the Almighty

Not to populate humans

On the other planets

To protect His creations

From your rage

I am not your foe

Rather your well-wisher

I’m your oldest neighbor

(Mushtaq Hurra is a Teacher and a Columnist)

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