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Eidgah to be developed as state-of-art playground of Shahr-e-Khass: Div Com

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Srinagar: The historic Eidgah located in old city will be developed as the state-of the art playground in Shahr-e-Khass that will have at least 10 scientifically developed turfs, upgraded football ground while the park falling in the vicinity will be upgraded as a major attraction with all modern facilities, Divisional Commissioner Kashmir P K Pole said Wednesday.
He, however, was quick to add that given the availability of 600 kanals of land, Waqaf Board can decide about construction of hospital and that the Board can accommodate all.
The Divisional Commissioner Kashmir said: “I visited the area today to assess the sports facilities available to the youth. I directed officials to create more sports facilities for youth in the area.”
He said: “Eidgah will be developed on modern lines as one of the best playgrounds of Shahr-e-Khass. It will have scientifically developed 10 turfs for cricket players, and an upgraded football ground.
The nearby park will also be upgraded as a major attraction with all modern facilities,” he said.
About the Waqf Board’s proposal about constructing a Cancer hospital at Eidgah, the Divisional Commissioner said that Waqf has measured the area which is more than 600 kanals.
“In length it is more than 7500 feet and width it is 2000 feet. Board can build the institute as per its planning. Temporarily some area is used for playing by youth hailing from surrounding localities. One portion out of which will be made developed for playing in Collaboration with Board. Adjacent Park is used by elderlies for morning and evening walk. This Park under management of Floriculture Department needs normal upkeep, which will be done,” he said.
Pole said that Waqf Board is to decide about use of the land, including construction of a Hospital on some portion, as per its planning.
“Taking into account the vast area size of the ground, there cannot be any question about anything. The board can accommodate all as per planning,” he said. (KNO)

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