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Photography Competition to celebrate enduring legacy of Artisans to debut in Sgr

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SRINAGAR: The Department of Handicrafts and Handloom Kashmir is likely to organize a photography competition to highlight the complexity of the Decorative Arts practiced in Srinagar.
The entries for it will be accepted from September 22 30 at the Craft school of designs.
The event focuses on artifacts produced from the 18th century to present times with a narrative informed by archival documents, family histories, designs and production techniques.
The competition carries an exciting range of prizes including Winners, Runners Up and Second Runners Up. Additionally, every participant will receive a participation certificate.
The competition investigates how transmission of the cultural exchange which has steered to the evolution of the phenomena “Kashmir Art’.
The main aim of the competition is to bring focus on artisans and craft ecosystem of Srinagar city, said the Director Handicrafts & Handloom Kashmir while elucidating the purpose of the event.
He further added that the event in addition to design and production of artifacts focuses on exploring the life of the artisans whose craftsmanship resulted in this artistic production and exchange across diverse themes, regions and continents.
The Department also thanked the private parties sponsoring the event for their co-operation to make the event a success.
The event is part of the activities undertaken after the city of Srinagar was enlisted in UNESCO’s Creative Cities Network in 2021.
This enlistment essentially recognizes and celebrates the creative genius of the crafts persons, deftness of their skills and their engagement with these creative pursuits against heavy odds, all through the checkered history.
There is a felt need to bring focus of the society at large on the exquisite and unique treasures of art that will celebrate their contribution of building an image and identity to Kashmir through history.



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