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Security situation in Kashmir under control: Senior Army officer

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Srinagar: The overall security situation in the Kashmir valley is better and “very much under control”, and attacks on soft targets are taking place as terrorists are under pressure and have been pushed to the wall, a senior Army officer said on Saturday.
“The situation is better. There is nothing to worry,” the officer, who did not wish to be identified, said.
Describing the current phase in the valley as “sensitive”, he said many things have been brought under control by the security apparatus in the Union territory.
The officer said peace cannot be achieved by only killing terrorists as “there are other things which have to go along with kinetic operations and on which we have to work”.
“But the overall situation is very much under control,” he added.
Referring to the recent spurt in targeted killings in the valley, especially of members of the minority community, the Army officer said a person does such things when he comes under pressure, is pushed to the wall, and feels he is losing control.
“There are a few aspects as to why they are happening. Either it is to provoke the security forces or bring a fear factor among the people that their (terrorists’) writ still runs large or because they are soft targets,” he said.
Attacks on soft targets, especially Kashmiri Pandits, shakes up the entire country, the Centre and the state administration, the officer said.
“They (terrorists) also know, in terms of their capacity, which is the weakest link as they (Kashmiri Pandits) are working in the society, roaming around in the society and it is easy to target them,” he said.
The officer, however, said protecting every individual or providing round-the-clock security cover to them was not possible.

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