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Addressing environmental concerns

Addressing environmental concerns
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We are presently witnessing the start of various projects in the twin cities of Jammu and Srinagar which will ensure that the capital cities make their presence felt in the list of smart cities that are coming up across the country.
Since the smart city project not only stresses on improving the infrastructure in the cities but it also ensures that various civic amenities and services are provided on scientific lines to the residents of these cities.
One such issue that needs lot of attention in the cities and towns is the management of solid waste as it is being generated in tones across regions. Not only cities but even the rural areas are generating lot of solid waste and therefore its management needs to be taken up on a war footing.
According to the World Bank 46% of the population in the world is living in the rural areas. And it is here that very little attention is being provided to address the concerns raised by the lack of efforts otherwise needed for waste management.
Solid waste management in rural areas is a key issue in developing and transitioning countries due to the lack of proper waste management facilities and services. This makes the issue all the more important as lot of efforts are needed to reach to a point where solid waste management can touch satisfactory levels.
Since a majority of our population is living in rural areas these areas deserve a well planned approach to manage the solid waste as the mounds of untreated waste is consuming and polluting the environment at a much rapid pace.
Presently, a majority of our population in villages do not have a proper mechanism to deal with the garbage and other solid waste coming from these areas, as a well defined mechanism to collect garbage and solid waste is mostly available and limited to urban areas only.
As the rural life is somewhat proving to be a replica of the urban life these days, the waste output is increasing almost at the same pace as it is being generated in the cities. Therefore, the management of the solid waste assumes more significance as the rural areas lack an organized system to tackle this issue.
There is a huge quantity of waste produced in villages as the life styles in village’s and populations too have improved and increased over the period of time. The villages are also facing the menace of solid and liquid waste, but due to unavailability of any services from the administration this issue remains unaddressed.
The issue of dumping solid waste on some waste lands and water bodies and even in some cases in forest areas is proving to be a big menace as it not only creates unhygienic environs and surroundings but also gives rise to other concerns.
Not only are the water bodies getting affected by this phenomenon but our wild life too faces threat owing to this non scientific methods of dealing with the solid waste.
Right now the concerns of the administration across the districts should be avoiding unscientific waste disposal and resorting to scientific and approved measures that will prove to be useful in the long run.

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