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Making JK an education hub

Making JK an education hub
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Since the past two years many new initiatives have been taken in Jammu and Kashmir which will ensure that infrastructure witnesses an upgrade in many sectors. Right now few sectors have been kept on a priority list but one such sector that needs to be provided more impetus and plan is the education sector.
The need to have good institutions of higher learning in the state is felt very badly. This is evident from the fact that every year more than 15 thousand students from Kashmir valley alone end up joining various professional colleges outside to seek education in those streams which are not available here.
The movement of such a large number of students every year is also affecting the economy of the region as rough surveys suggest that hundreds of crores are spend to ensure their admissions and stay at these places.
Under these circumstances various questions are raised as to why Jammu and Kashmir is lacking in establishing institutions of higher learning. And secondly, why isn’t the local breed of investors coming out with a solution to this problem.
The question also remains as to why this sectors has not been promoted so that new investment proposals from established institutions and even local entrepreneurs will come forward to invest in education sector.
The investments could help in establishing colleges, universities and other institutions which primarily could boost employment opportunities and educational standards and also help in retaining the flight of cash that takes place every year.
The education sector has seen negligence is evident from the fact that very few colleges have come up in the private sector not only in Kashmir valley but Jammu as well. What we need right now is that investment from private sector in higher education and professional streams should be prioritized and for this a clear cut policy such as a single window clearance system needs to be put in place so that more and more private players could entered the sector.
Under ease of doing business, there has to be a mechanism in Kashmir that anybody having requisite infrastructure and capital in place should be allowed to establish quality educational institutions which could hold the students back.
Investments in education sectors are not hard to come as the sector offers huge and timely returns. After all no parent wishes to take the careers of his or her ward lightly and they spend quite generously to provide them quality education.
This is not the only factor that we can vouch for establishing institutions of higher and professional learning in Jammu and Kashmir. The region offers a conducive atmosphere for student’s activities and provides them environs that can help them to get the most out of them so that they excel in their selected streams.
Across the globe regions that offer pleasant weather conditions attract huge student foot fall and we can also excel on these lines and ensure that the institutions that are established here always have their classes filled to the capacity.
Jammu and Kashmir can emerge as a new education hub where students from all over India and even abroad will cherish to be here.

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