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BSF personnel asked to use bicycle within official complex

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New Delhi: Taking initiatives for a clean environment, the Border Security Force (BSF) has asked its personnel to use bicycles to come to office from their residences in the Kashmir Frontier and Subsidiary Training Centre (STC) in the campus.
The BSF Kashmir Frontier and STC have its offices and residential quarters located in the same campus.
According to an official order issued last month, the BSF personnel are commuting from their quarters to office by vehicles such as personal motorcycles/ cars, which causes unnecessary air & sound pollution in the campus, “which not only is detrimental to health of family members living in campus but its utter foolishness to burn unnecessary fuel as we all know that we got limited hydrocarbon reserves. We can mitigate these health hazards and contribute a bit in saving precious hydrocarbons by adopting more environment friendly modes of transport like bicycle riding and on foot walking,” the order said.
“No office staff will use motorised vehicles while coming to the office or moving in the campus area. They may come to office by walking on foot or may use bicycle, which will be beneficial for their health besides keeping the campus pollution free,” the IG of Kashmir Frontiers said.
The official order also said that if anyone is found using motorcycles or cars for coming to office or moving in the campus area without any valid reasons, strict disciplinary action will be taken for violating above instructions.
Many officials in the BSF have welcomed the order and said that this will serve dual purposes such as keeping the personnel physically fit and also save the petroleum products.
All Central Armed Police Forces have been actively participating in taking green initiatives and have planted over crores of saplings in the last two years.

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