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School re-opening: 62 pc of parents favour mandatory masking for children, staff: Survey

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New Delhi: At least 62 per cent of parents favour mandatory masking for children and staff members in schools while they are indoors, a new survey has claimed.
The survey conducted by online platform LocalCircles had over 25,000 respondents residing across 381 districts of India. Forty-two per cent of the respondents were from tier-1 cities, 35 per cent from tier-2 and 23 per cent from tier-3 and 4 cities and rural districts.
“At least 62 per cent of citizens said the mask mandate should be there. Only nine per cent said the mask mandate should be removed. Eight per cent respondents said that mask mandate should be removed and reinstated if the national TPR rises above one per cent,” the survey report said.
According to the survey, nine in 10 parents indicated that most people in their areas either did not have masks or were not wearing them properly.
“Some of the participants criticised the state governments that have removed the mask mandates stating that the move will mark an end to the pandemic from a people’s perception, making the situation highly vulnerable in case India experiences a fourth wave in the coming months,” the report said.
“In states like Delhi, some parents have urged the state government to make the use of masks optional at schools. However, many others want masking to be mandatory and children be given mask breaks outdoors. With the daily temperature surpassing 40 degrees in most parts of India, it is difficult for children to be with masks for seven-eight hours continuously,” it added.
The survey comes against the backdrop of states easing restrictions imposed in view of the COVID-19 pandemic following the reduction in the spread of the virus.

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