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Police advisory: Don’t conceal cavities behind rear seat: Autorickshaw drivers told

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Srinagar: Srinagar Police on Monday asked autorickshaw drivers to remove anything that obstructs the view of cavities behind the rear seat as it said such vehicles have been used in commission of crime in the city.
“All Auto-rickshaw owners/drivers are requested to remove the hidden cavities by concealing the rear seat wherein nothing is visible from outside. Some crimes have come to notice where such autos were used to commit crime,” it tweeted.
Many netizens, however, criticised the police’s choice of communication medium. The social media users wondered how many autorickshaw drivers will get the message on Twitter.
“Wonder how may auto-rickshaw drivers on Twitter. Hope such message is broadcast through radio, TV and other local print media,” a netizen commented on the post by the Srinagar Police.
People advised the police to switch to traditional media like newspapers, radio and television to reach out to the drivers.

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