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Safe for Covid patients to undergo surgery: Centre

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New Delhi: The Centre on Thursday asserted that coronavirus patients requiring surgery need not be denied surgical intervention, saying present data indicates that such procedures are safe and not associated with higher chances of complications or deaths with the current variant.
At a press conference, Joint Secretary, Union Health Ministry, Lav Agarwal, presented an “Analysis of Surgeries during the current surge Covid OT cases in AIIMS, Delhi” from December 20, 2021 January 20, 2022 at a press conference.
According to the study, a total of 53 Covid cases underwent surger, of which 32 (60 per cent) were given regional anaesthesia and 21 (40 per cent) were given general anaesthesia.
Of the 32 cases, 26 cases were Lower segment Cesarean section (LSCS).
“No complications during surgery and immediate post operative period was found in the study. Also, no deaths and complications in other cases as well were noted,” Agarwal said.
Besides, 21 cases were done under General Anaesthesia (GA) which included six cases of Laparotomy, four cases of Decompressive craniectomy, two cases each of Tracheostomy and amputation.
The clinical data and evidence which has emerged showed no aggravation and respiratory status in any case, the analysis found.
The Chest X Ray of all 21 patients not suggestive of Covid in the peri-operative period and indicating no respiratory complication after general anaesthesia in Covid positive patients, Agarwal said.
Of the total 21 cases, 17 survived and four died. All reported deaths were primarily due to other causes and not linked/aggravated due to COVID-19 infection, he said.
“The present data indicates that unlike the evidence during earlier surge, with the current variant surgery is safe and not associated with higher chances of complications or deaths in Covid positive patients. Therefore, patients who need surgery need not be denied surgical intervention presently,” Agarwal said.
He presented this data in the context of earlier studies on Mortality during surgery for COVID-19 patients (June-2021) according to which peri-operative SARS-CoV-2 infection increases risk of death and pulmonary complications and delay was recommended for symptomatic patients and for elective surgeries.

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