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Covid-19- 34 states, UT’s recording decline in case, positivity rate: Govt

Covid-19- 34 states, UT’s recording decline in case, positivity rate: Govt
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New Delhi: The government on Thursday said 34 states and union territories, including Karnataka, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu, are recording a decline in COVID-19 cases and positivity rate, while Kerala and Mizoram are still recording an increase in cases and positivity.
It also said that the pandemic situation has improved and there is contraction in spread of the Covid infection. In 268 districts, the positivity rate is below five per cent, the government said.
It said that a decline in COVID-19 case fatality rate has been noted with an increase in administration of vaccine doses.
There has been a consistent decline in daily active COVID-19 cases and daily positivity rate, indicating decreased spread of the infection, the government said.
It noted that present data indicates that unlike evidence during the earlier COVID-19 surge, with the current variant, surgery is safe and not associated with higher chances of complications or deaths in coronavirus patients.
The government said that the population with average age of 44 years were infected more in this Covid wave as compared to previous waves, and last time, the average was 55 years.
In this Covid wave, sore throat was seen more in patients and there was significantly lesser use of drugs for treatment, it added.
On reopening of schools, it said schools have fully opened in 11 states, partially for higher classes in 16 states and are closed in nine states.
The government noted that 95 per cent teaching and non-teaching staff in schools are vaccinated and some states have achieved 100 per cent vaccination coverage.

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