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Dubai initiative

Dubai initiative
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The Jammu and Kashmir government is making efforts to attract global investors so that a new phase of development and progress can be kick started in the region that has witnessed tremendous neglect over the past seven decades.
This week the visit to UEA by Lt Governor Manoj Sinha provided an opportunity to get several MoUs signed with Al Maya Group, MATU Investments LLC, GL Employment Brokerage LLC & Noon so that they could invest in J&K Expo-2020 Dubai.
Prior to this the LULU group has also given a go ahead for a 200 Crore investement proposal in Jammu and Kashmir which can mark a new beginning in foreign investments here.
The Expo summit has received a great response from the representatives of global companies, investors and business managers. Big business groups from UAE have shown interest in investing in JK marking the beginning of a new and comprehensive partnership.
Jammu and Kashmir is in need of massive impetus to its economy and this can happen only when various investment proposals are finalized and approved so that the unemployment crisis that has been consuming many young minds here can also be addressed.
The administration for its part needs to devise new paths, new policies, creating critical infrastructure and unlocking the business potential of Jammu Kashmir to strengthen the business ecosystem for the post-pandemic world and embark on the journey of growth and development.
All this can be achieved as Jammu and Kashmir has the capability to provide an opportunity to industries to compete, connect and collaborate with its readily available abundant resources.
Ironically, due to the slump in the economy and a negative growth rate, the jobs it seems have dried up for now and most of the working class has been left wanting for employment avenues due to the various situations.
Jammu and Kashmir is presently having more than six lakh unemployed educated youth who have been left puzzled owing to lack of employment opportunities. Though lot of promises have been made over the years to impress these young minds about the measures being taken to provide them gainful employment, but on ground very little was done by the political class here who preferred to have all the luxuries for themselves and their kith and kin.
As of now due to the transparent policies and ease of doing business Jammu and Kashmir has been able to clock investment proposal worth Rs.45,000 Crore besides an additional Rs.18,300 Crore in real estate sector.
All this will kick start a series of avenues for the youth here who can create wonders by working to their full potential and realizing their dreams.


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