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Avoid garbage burning

Avoid garbage burning
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Burning of garbage in open spaces is a major concern for all of us. Not only in Jammu and Kashmir but elsewhere authorities have been pressing hard to deal with the situation but violations are reported continuously from various regions.
In the national capital the government will launch a campaign against open burning of garbage from November 11 to December 11. This move will not only curtail the pollution levels but will also rid the locals of the bad smell they have to face owing to open burning of garbage.
The situation in Jammu and Kashmir too needs to be taken into account and all such acts where garbage is being burnt openly need to be curbed.
Notably, our environment both in the rural and urban areas is faced with huge stress called pollution as we are confronted with a waste management crisis not only in cities and towns but elsewhere. Therefore, the issue needs serious planning and redressal of road blocks that may creep up.
According to the World Bank 46% of the population in the world is living in the rural areas. And it is here that very little attention is being provided to address the concerns raised by the lack of efforts otherwise needed for waste management.
Since scientific waste management is lacking at many places the municipal authorities deem it fit to resort to burning of garbage. Since solid waste management in rural areas is a key issue in developing and transitioning countries due to the lack of proper waste management facilities and services, the burning option is still being exercised.
Since a majority of our population is living in rural areas these areas deserve a well planned approach to manage the solid waste as the mounds of untreated waste is consuming and polluting the environment at a much rapid pace.
During the past few months the National Green Tribunal has also been directing the authorities in Jammu and Kashmir to plan something concrete and phenomenal over environmental pollution.
Presently, a majority of our population in villages do not have a proper mechanism to deal with the garbage and other solid waste coming from these areas, as a well defined mechanism to collect garbage and solid waste is mostly available and limited to urban areas only.
As the rural life is somewhat proving to be a replica of the urban life these days, the waste output is increasing almost at the same pace as it is being generated in the cities. Therefore, the management of the solid waste assumes more significance as the rural areas lack an organized system to tackle this issue.
There is a huge quantity of waste produced in villages as the life styles in village’s and populations too have improved and increased over the period of time. The villages are also facing the menace of solid and liquid waste, but due to unavailability of any services to deal with it, the issue remains unaddressed.
More so, the issue of waste management gets complicated with wrong planning and execution. Several examples can be cited where the district level municipal committees resort to dumping of solid waste in various open spaces or dumping sites and later some elements set fire to these huge mounds creating more pollution in the end.

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