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Schools reopening

Schools reopening
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The pandemic and its fallout have hit many sectors that too very badly. One such sector that witnessed a severe loss is the education sector. The schools and colleges have been on a closure mode since March 2020, though some of them witnessed opening for a brief period in between and now also institutions of higher learning are witnessing gradual opening.
However, a huge damage has been done as the online mode of education has been providing a mixed response among the students community.
Education in many areas across the country was restarted in the online mode and it did succeed in engaging the children whose interest in studies was waning owing to a complete lockdown and home isolation which people including children of all age groups had to undergo.
Experts in the initial phase were apprehensive about the online learning mode but in many cases it did make an impact as the parents too got to recognize the positives and potential of the online mode of education and tried to help out the kids to cope with this new learning process.
We may still be quite far from achieving a good success rate about the impact the online education has made but one thing is quite clear that this mode of education has proved to be a blessing as it is not only proving to be engaging the kids but also helps them learn and be in touch with their teachers and classmates.
However, a clear failure of the online education mode was visible in the far flung areas where there is no internet connectivity and also where the parents are not in a position to provide learning tools including android phones to their kids to get connected to their classes.
Though some measures were worked to bridge the gap between the students and the teachers but the latest move to initiate community classes in far flung areas can help to bridge the gap and can bring in the desired results.
The community classes can prove to be game changer incase the covid-19 does not make a comeback and people are more free to mingle and move about. Besides, these community classes need strict monitoring and field functionaries, particularly, the Zonal Education Officers need to monitor the teaching-learning process and ensure that Covid-19 SOPs are adhered to in letter and spirit.
However, after a vaccine has been granted emergency usage nod for the children aged between 2-12 years, a new vista has opened up for the education sector. If the vaccination for this age group kicks starts then opening schools after a few months can become a reality and children can experience the taste of learning once again in their classrooms.

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