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Community Classes can serve the need

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Mushtaq Ahmad Butt
Covid19 devastated the different sectors, be it social, political, or economic. However, Education sector proved the worse hit since 2020.While different initiatives’ were formulated by government from time to time to compensate the loss, all measures seem to be insufficient.
Some significant developments done in this sphere were, Zoom classes, video lectures, audio lectures, LMS etc. In addition to these options running parallel, lessons are being constantly broadcasted and telecasted through mass media.
While, majority of students around 70% are from remote and far-flung areas there emerged a viable alternative of community classes, where local teachers teach in open fields at pretty good distance. Though other programmes for conducting classes are working fairly but community classes have been quite satisfactory and successful.
Especially for elementary classes, community classes’ have been so far a game changer and ray of hope in this crucial juncture during the covid19 pandemic. The crystal clear atmosphere, grassy meadows, fresh air, green trees and natural sun light adds charm to the learning process and persuades one to think of ancient times when education was imparted under any big tree in an open environment.
There are different advantages of community classes that too during this covid19 crisis, some of which can be summed up as- spacious and pollution free environment, student –teacher physical interaction, classes according to time table, all classes conducted, and all staff members engaged, and much more.
Besides, there is no threat of infection as long as proper distance is maintained. But to conduct community classes there emerges more responsibility for teachers, like no long breaks, safeguarding students from any danger, arrival and departure along with students is of vital importance.
Community classes generally provide a stress free environment, and students feel at home. Home work is being checked and students are monitored frequently. Examinations which appear a daunting task in covid times, can be conducted comfortably, without any apprehension. Time is always on its wings, why there should be a wait to open schools where classes can be conducted within four walls.
Let, community classes be encouraged everywhere, where there is possibility. This way we can continue the education process with ease and finally examinations can be conducted well in time. Logically, there is no end to wait as one cannot think when covid third wave would hit and derail normal life.
But hope is there always. While LMS and zoom classes do wonders for higher classes, but the victim of educational loss is a little angel, who hardly knows how to talk and walk. His /her formative years are escaping from his life at a rapid pace, of which he is currently ignorant. And after a couple of years the same child will feel confused and embarrassed in higher classes’ ,when the situation will expect something new and other from him.
As, mature student can ask the why thing of every situation and could manage either by one way or other to compensate the loss to some extent. But, the little one cannot utter a word to make his childhood worthy. He becomes the victim of circumstances.
Plants will grow, crops will be harvested, and buildings constructed, roads macdamised, marriages organized. But what lags behind are the formative years of the child who is unable to express, and fight for his childhood, which is endangered by covid19 pandemic.
Therefore , logically we need to create a conducive atmosphere for this lot to make their childhood colorful and successful and drive him towards the path of enlightenment .The solution to this problem is continuing the community classes and make teaching learning process an enjoyable and more successful entity.
This way justice to this lot can be delivered, and simultaneously illuminated by the light of knowledge .Thus there emerges a dire need to conduct community classes at large without further letting to derail the education.
Since, winter poses a strong obstacle even in formal education imparted inside four walls. Let these summer months be adequately utilized to reform and revamp the education at elementary level, as goes the saying”. Make hay, while the Sun shines”.
(The author is a government teacher)

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