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No option in sight

No option in sight
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We all know that the economy is in a bad shape. We are aware that people are out of jobs and trade and other business related activities are also recording an all time low. We have had a loss of two years of time since August 2019 in various lockdowns and we admit that we cannot afford another closure.
It has been more than a year now that the Covid-19 pandemic forced all of us to stay back at home and avoid getting infected by the deadly virus. The lockdown announced last year by the union government and implemented by the states and Union Territories meant that the spread was controlled to manageable levels.
Though Jammu and Kashmir had not witnessed a pandemic like situation during the last so many decades now, but we also had our share of Covid-19 infections and given the health infrastructure we have, we had to be extra cautious.
Though after months of lockdown and closure the number of Covid-19 cases, and even deaths were under control and our healthcare sector could bear the load without any major complaints.
However, during the past three weeks it is being witnessed that the infection rates and the deaths in Jammu and Kashmir have soared quite abnormally pointing out to the grim fact that we had become too complacent with the spread and behavior of Covid-19 virus. The daily average positive cases have swelled to huge numbers and the death count is also going beyond twenty everyday now.
Since no medication is available to fight the war against Covid-19, the only weapon that we could have used was behaving sensibly and using all the necessary precautions that health experts and other specialists had been asking us to follow.
The precautions meant resorting to social distancing, maintaining personal hygiene, avoiding social gatherings and moving out only in cases of emergencies. However, since the unlock was announced and various sectors including business establishments and transporters were allowed to function people became too excited and avoided to follow all the protocols that were set to keep the virus at bay.
The situation as of now has turned critical with experts calling for another lockdown for a period of two weeks to flatten the curve of infections. All this has happened because people collectively stopped to follow protocols over the last few weeks.
We were experiencing marriages taking place, social gatherings including mourning’s were and are still being observed with the women folk not bothering to maintain social distancing and avoiding physical contacts.
At many of the social gatherings women are seen resorting to the old traditions of greetings and mixing up with family members and friends. This sort of phenomenon has brought us to a point where the infection cases are swelling rapidly and we are not able to cope up with this huge number.
Our hospitals are over stressed and so are our healthcare workers. Our requirements, both in terms of hospital beds and equipments, is witnessing an abrupt demand, which of course we may not be able to accomplish.
This leaves us with no other choice than to seek another lockdown to minimize the number of infections and fatalities as well.

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