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Involve the youth

Involve the youth
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Since the second wave of covid-19 has hit the country various states have resorted to impose fresh curbs on peoples’ movement. The fresh curbs are not being termed as lockdown but in reality all sort of public movement has been hampered which will again have a long bearing on the economy which is already under tremendous stress.
It has been almost more than a year now that the youth in Jammu and Kashmir have been in wait for getting gainful employment. Though various promises have been made over the past two years now but on ground the situation is not so rosy as is being promoted.
Jammu and Kashmir has been subject to various issues since the past several years now which include a long list of unemployed and able bodied people having nothing to do. Most of the able bodied men and women here have been left wanting for employment due to the various situations which include lack of avenues and resources.
Presently, the region has lakhs of unemployed and educated youth who have been left bemused owing to lack of employment opportunities. Though lot of promises have been made over the years to impress these young minds about the measures being taken to provide them gainful employment, but on ground very little seems to be happening.
The present dispensation has also announced 50k jobs for the unemployment youth in the government sector alone, but it seems that the promise will take quite long to see that they are kept. Only a few hindered posts have been filled up as the selection process is taking quite long.
Notably, in an action taken report submitted to a parliamentary panel the Ministry of Home Affairs has apprised the panel that the government of Jammu and Kashmir has been asked to assess the requirement of manpower and undertake the process of recruitment in an accelerated manner.
It has also informed the panel that domicile has been made a basic eligibility for an appointment to any post under the Union Territory of J&K or under a local or other authority (other than Cantonment Board) within the UT of J&K.
However, the assurances and information provided have not reflected anything positive for the youth of the region who have been witnessing dark days as far as employment avenues are concerned.
The skilled and educated youth are swelling in numbers and if the present situation continues to remain so then we may be faced with a crisis like situation where the youth will see their future bleak and fall into a trap of disillusionment and despair.
Moreover, the emergence of covid-19 second wave has meant that the economy can suffer another dent which will again delay job creation and growth.
In such situations the government here needs to plan some novel activities where the youth can plan some involvement and see a bright future for themselves.

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