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Result oriented schemes needed

Result oriented schemes needed
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Unemployment is emerging as a serious challenge after the Covid-19 pandemic ran rough shod for almost one year now. Most of the developed and the emerging economies are facing a tough time vis-à-vis arranging for lakhs of jobs for the able bodied men and women who faced job loss due to the pandemic.
Due to the slump in the economy and a negative growth rate the jobs it seems have dried up for now and most of the working class have been left wanting for employment due to the various situations which include lack of avenues and resources.
Talking about Jammu and Kashmir, presently the region has more than six lakh unemployed educated youth who have been left puzzled owing to lack of employment opportunities. Though lot of promises have been made over the years to impress these young minds about the measures being taken to provide them gainful employment, but on ground very little seems to be happening.
Though the administration has announced 50k jobs for the unemployment youth in the government sector alone, but it seems that the promise will take quite long to see that they are kept.
Now that the ratio of unemployed youth seems to be quite high, the government’s attention should have been focused on promoting entrepreneurship at various levels among the young educated people. But so far very few examples can be cited where people have actually got benefitted by the schemes that have been executed by various government agencies.
During the past few months now the government has been promoting some schemes in the rural sector where young people have been asked to associate with various activities like dairy farming and others. This was a novel idea however, various complaints have started to pour in from some areas where the officials have been dissuading the youth from taking up such schemes.
The reasons have been lack of funds hitting these schemes and the people who have already applied for grant of loans have been told to wait for funds being sanctioned. This sort of negativity among the government officials and other agencies concerned has been proving detrimental for the youth.
Besides, such attitude on the part of the executing agencies is going against the very principle of achieving and obtaining the idea of self reliance in various sectors. The idea of achieving self reliance has been promoted by no other than the Prime Minister of India, Narindra Modi under the ‘Aatm Nirbhar’ thought.
The government as of now needs to extend its canvass that too far beyond its imagination in case it really wants to see an end to the unemployment crisis in Jammu and Kashmir. The Covid-19 pandemic has limited the resources for the youth to unparalleled levels. So much so that jobs creation has taken a severe hit in almost all sectors that were otherwise propelling despite many pressures and pulls.
We at this juncture need a policy that is easy to implement and fast paced so that months and years are not lost seeking approvals and asking for funds release. Our agricultural based sector can help the government to achieve its objective as the sector still offers a tremendous growth prospect.

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