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Domicile Certificates row: Prominent businessman released earlier booked on sedition charges

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Srinagar: Prominent Kashmir born businessman Mubeen Shah has reportedly been booked for sedition.
Reliable sources said that Mubeen Shah has been booked on charges of sedition after he asked people of Kashmir to put a collective fight against what he called settler-colonialism.
After the abrogation of special status of Jammu and Kashmir, authorities started issuing domicile certificates to non-locals while an IAS officer from Bihar became the permanent resident of Jammu and Kashmir.
Sources added that Mubeen Shah’s Facebook post against issuance of Domicile Certificates didn’t go down well with authorities and he has been booked for sedition.
Sources said Mubeen Shah is presently in Malaysia.
Mubeen Shah on his purported facebook account had written that, “All village/mohalla/town committees of Kashmir should come together and make sure that not a single non-local lives in their areas. They should ask all non-Kashmiris to vacate and leave Kashmir. Each and every local committee must do its part.”
Shah had added that, “All of these committees should give clear instructions to people that anyone who tries to give space to non-locals will be socially boycotted and anyone who tries to sell land to any non-Kashmiri will be socially boycotted as well as evicted from the area.”
Shah is an NRI who runs a handicraft business from Malaysia and has an extended family along with business associations in Kashmir. He was detained on the night of August 4, 2019 before J&K special status was revoked, under the public safety act which had led to demands in India and the US for his release.
Mubeen Shah in his facebook post said that, “These committees should also make it clear that any tehsildar or any administrator who’s found to have given domicile to any non-Kashmiri will also be socially boycotted. The social boycott against these people should be very strict.”
“They shouldn’t be allowed to enter into the village/mohalla/town and no one should speak to them or their families or do any kind of work with them.”
Shah said that: “We should think of other efficient measures as well to stop India from changing the demographics of Kashmir. It’s most important for all Kashmiris to come together at this very important stage and collectively fight against settler-colonialism. It’s now or never. It’s do or die. All of us have to join hands and fight now!”
“I find it the only way to stop this settler program of india. Let us do it,” he wrote in another facebook post. (KNT)

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