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Shah Feasal launches ‘Peoples Movement’

Shah Feasal launches ‘Peoples Movement’
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Srinagar: Former bureaucrat, Shah Faesal on Sunday launched his political party the ‘Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Movement’ ahead of the crucial Lok Sabha polls at Rajbagh’s ‘Gundin’ park in Srinagar.

Feasal who claimed support from other parts of the state as well, said he had several offers at hand but in the end he settled for launching his own political outfit.

“I had to decide which party to join, and I was about to join one particular party and they gave me a lot of respect. But during that time, I was abused by everyone and today I want to thank all those people. Those abuses helped me start this party,” he said.

Notably, former JNU student leader and activist Shehla Rashid Shora also joined Faesal’s party. Shehla has been working closely with Faesal over the past few months and was involved in the decision-making process for the inception of the party.

“We accept that Kashmir problem needs to be solved according to the wishes of people of Kashmiri people. It’s a long route and we can facilitate. We can bridge the gap between Delhi and Srinagar,” Feasal told a well attended gathering comprising mostly youth.

“This party is not based on religion or region. We are representing everyone. Kashmiri Pandits are an integral part of our society. They need to return to their roots. All the members in my team have all left their careers to join me,” he added.

Faesal has been travelling through different districts in the Valley, meeting and bringing “like-minded individuals” into the fold. The party released a vision document before its launch.

The vision document said the party will pursue a “peaceful resolution of the Kashmir problem as per the will and aspirations of the people of Jammu and Kashmir”. The manifesto said the party will attempt to bring about “sustainable peace” in the state by “making the people politically empowered, economically prosperous, socially emancipated, ethically evolved, culturally enlightened and environmentally conscious”.

Former JNU student leader, Shehla Rashid, who was also present on the occasion said, “We will work for development in the valley. I want to make a request to all the women and girls to come and join us. Women have gone through worse in this conflict and we want them to join our party. We also seek support of students. We want to empower the youth of the state. We will work for those students and businessmen who are outside in different parts of the country.”



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