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From enslavement to emancipation

From enslavement to emancipation
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By Mudasir Ahmad / Younus Rashid


Tujh Ko Kitnnu Ka Lahoo Chahiye Ae Arz-e- Watan

Jo Tera Aariz-Berang ko Gulnar Kare

Kitni Aahun se Tere Kaleja Thanda Hoga


A Pall of gloom fell on the entire Valley and Pulwama district on Saturday. Just when people were getting ready for their daily chores suddenly the bad news of killing made headlines.

The loss of lives cannot be measured; it is indeed an irreparable loss for all of us. We lost an architect; we lost an MBA graduate, a future cricketer, a passionate cricket fan, a father and a soldier. Let’s condemn every killing irrespective of being who it was. After all human life is precious. We lost human lives; we are at loss of words to condemn this heinous act of massacre.

These all people could have been tomorrow our future stars, however, with their killing, the dreams of watching them on successful podiums have also been packed up in a coffin and buried with them.  Seven civilians being killed is not just one day wailing.

In fact, the respective families of the deceased will take ages to overcome this tragedy that has befallen them. Who is going to take care of these families, Abid was already an orphan, his father had died early, it was he who would look after his entire family. He was married to an Indonesian girl, what will she tell her family that her husband was killed just because he was born in a conflict zone, where going to market for getting milk for his daughter was not  even safe because bullets pierced his chest.

One of the deceased is believed to have been living in a tin shed, for God’s sake tell us what his parents will do now.  It is double tragedy to their family. The truth is that with these seven civilian have died invisibly seven families. How long will this continue, we are losing our youth at such a fast pace. If asking for freedom amounts killing of civilians like this, I regret that I don’t need it.

It’s understood that in conflict zone there are guidelines that are to be followed whenever such insurgency take place. It seems firing indiscriminately on civilian has become the order of the day now in Kashmir. Can’t anyone see these episodes have already taken place off late in Anantnag, Shopain and now this wave has hit Pulwama on Saturday, God knows which is going to be next place, I wish it wasn’t any place honestly, because it is just a loss to all of us.

Government has been dead and deaf to our wailings. Bullets have consumed our young generation irrespective of cities, towns and border areas. If killing would have brought any changes the other place in the world like Syria and Palestine would have been better places to live. If you are trying to dominate voice of voiceless people by virtue of these advanced ammunitions, you are certainly the wisest fool on the earth.

What has happened in Pulwama cannot be put in words. Injuries to numerous people have factually reached to a mark of five hundred. God knows what will be their fate. How many of them will be blind, how many of them handicapped, how many of dumb and disabled. But it must be admitted that we Kashmiris should also learn to value our lives. Our cause is genuine but if you are fighting a war with a stone and your counterpart with an advanced gun the defeat is evident. We simply cannot defeat them with stones, but what we can at the most do, is save our lives. Save families from being victim of double tragedy.  As Faiz says:

Watan Ki Fikr Kar Nadaan Musibat Aaney Wali Hn

Teri Hi Barbaadi Ke Mashvaray Chal Rehy Hn Asmaano Mn

Given the fact that these killing won’t be stopped, what is the way out. We know it is not simple thing to do. But then we cannot afford to lose our youth at such pace. We have to preserve these young intellectuals, brainy students for the sake of future. Our nation will depend upon them. They are the benchmark of our development even after when we achieve the freedom.

Nobody has been serious so far in resolving this issue, had they taken pains by now it would have been solved long back. Much to the disappointment of people of Kashmir, it has been used as only a political agenda on both sides, the bitter truth is we suffer as Kashmiri, we lose people from Kashmir.

We request both governments please leave us to our fate. Stop playing dirty politics with the innocent people of Kashmir. The state government is equally responsible because whichever party, whenever was in power, never paid serious heed to solve the issue of Kashmir for once and all.

Obviously they will not like that because then there will be a shift of power, and they cannot digest that. They want power and control even if it is at the cost of killing the civilians- they won’t mind that.  However, we will fight our way till the last breath; knowing that it’s a long walk to freedom.

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