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Another leader deserts PDP

Another leader deserts PDP
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Srinagar: Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) leader and former IGP Crime Raja Aijaz Ali on Thursday tendered his resignation to party president Mehbooba Mufti, saying therein that “the party leadership has failed to deliver on the ground, maintain the political space and stick to the ideology for which the party was known.”
“I have tendered resignation to PDP president Mehbooba Mufti. I had joined the party because of its tall leadership, pro-people ideology and the political space but the leadership failed to deliver and didn’t care for the ideology and the political space I deserved. My workers are not satisfied with the treatment I was given by the party and when my workers are not satisfied, what can I do without them. I had no option but to quit. I will decide the future course in consultation with my workers,” the former cop said.
Meanwhile, a Sikh body said that the internal bickering and disintegration of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has taken place due to the wrong polices of present party President and former chief minister, Mehbooba Mufti.
In a statement issued here, APSCC Chairman Jagmohan Singh Raina said that Mehbooba Mufti failed not only as chief minister of Jammu & Kashmir, but also as President of PDP.
“Mehbooba could not pursue the agenda as set out by her father Late Mufti Mohammad Sayeed and it is due to reason that PDP has disintegrated like a pack of nine pins,” he said.
He said that Mehbooba played truant with the Sikh community of the state by denying them rights that were due to them under the National Minorities Act.
“PDP President in fact sabotaged the extension of minority status to Sikhs of the state by filing a counter affidavit in the court of law and that too at the highest level,” he said.
“Before 2014 assembly elections, Late Mufti Sayeed promised before a huge gathering of Sikhs that he would give minority status to Sikhs of Jammu & Kashmir and the same formed a part of the party manifesto for those elections. However, for three and half years the powerful Kashmiri Pandit lobby ensured that Mufti does not fulfill the promises made to the Sikh community,” Raina said.
He added that after being elected as CM of state in 2016, Mehbooba was keen to implement the central policies in state. “Her advisor Prof. Amitabh Mattoo manipulated certain orders and rephrased the same so that the Kashmiri Pandits get benefitted out of the revised orders,” he said.
“It is a pity that all the legislators knew about this, but none among them raised a finger against the same. Mehbooba led state government filed an affidavit in Supreme Court and opposed the extension of National Minority Act to Jammu & Kashmir. She also issued SRO 425 by virtue of which employment benefits due to Sikhs were given to the Kashmiri Pandit youth,” said Raina.
Raina said that despite meeting Mehbooba many times, no headway whatsoever was made with regards to demands of Sikhs living in Jammu & Kashmir.
He demanded that Election Commission of India (ECI) should ban PDP since the party went against its own election manifesto by opposing minority status to Sikhs and that too in the apex court of country.
“Kashmiri Pandits can never be given minority status since Hindus are in majority and not in minority in India,” he said, adding that communities like Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Buddhists and Jains have been classified as minorities in India by National Commission for minorities.

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